Animal Awakenings
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"Helping You Help Them"

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“Awakenings” is the theme of this Website ...
         ... because of the awakening effect on mind & emotions from learning and
inspiration ... and the profound impact of the human-animal bond. 

The Animal Awakenings initiative is part of a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization. Our focus is on providing professional support to those who seek to help animals. Our goal, through others, is to help more animals more and better.

We do this through:

 "Capacity building" support to nonprofits and other organizations that work to make the world a better place for animals

Public education
to bring about more informed and kind treatment of animals, as well as greater volunteerism

Our services are provided virtually ... through free and low cost online events ... live online coaching (and by phone or email) ... and direct support services to help organizations carry out their programs and projects.

As one example: by all accounts, our 2011 Animal Power Virtual Conference was a landmark event! Live, on-line, timely program with outstanding faculty, including leaders of major national animal support organizations. See the "rave reviews" received at the "Kudos" tab above.

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