Animal Awakenings
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A Vision for the Future

                                  Animal Awakenings is a program of the Future Is Now Foundation

   The Future Is Now Foundation is a             

501 (c) 3 non-profit organization
created for the primary purpose of capacity building for non-profit organizations and public education.

The Foundation was originally established in 2002
under the name the Florida Public Interest Foundation, Inc. and prior to that operated as a program of another non-profit for 12 years. Funding of Foundation work comes primarily from grants, event registration fees, sponsorships and fees for services.

The Future Is Now Foundation exists to protect and advance the well being of people, animals, the environment and communities.

Our work is premised on the understanding that actions taken “Now” determine quality of life for the “Future”.

Our focus is on informing, empowering and equipping the public and target groups to accomplish more and better for the “greater good”. We do this through a combination of public education and capacity building for non-profit organizations and public agencies.

Capacity building is a fundamental part of our mission as a means of helping charitable non-profits and public service institutions to be as effective as possible in achieving their missions for a better future.

We see the welfare of animals as integral to the kind of peaceful, sustainable and otherwise viable life for the planet that we strive to support.

Providing capacity support to non-profits that function to help animals is a priority focus of our 2011 work program and beyond.

The Foundation is registered with Guidestar (national registry of charitable nonprofits). The responsible state agency for non-profit organizations and charitable contributions in Florida is the Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services.

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