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Breaking News!

Changes Underway, More News Coming!

This news pertains to our upcoming on-line events ...

“Ahead of the Curve”

Innovations have long been our forte. To us, being innovative represents a way to make a bigger difference for purposes we believe in.

Technology is one example, where we’ve hosted Webcasts, Webinars and Teleseminars for years, beginning at a time when most weren't even unfamiliar with these terms.

Having them be successful involved added time and resources on our part to educate our audiences (and presenters) on what these technology-based events were all about. And we did so because we knew the power of the technologies ... as a tool for having far-reaching impacts.

Webinars have now made their way onto the scene for organizational events, and notices about Web-events are popping up in email in-boxes world-wide. While most people still have not yet experienced an on-line event, more are doing so and many more are becoming familiar with the idea.

Virtual Conferences are still a rarity ... and none have been held in the animal welfare world. The “Animal Power Virtual Conference & Expo” that we created is both unprecedented and designed for high impact ... to help animal supporters accomplish more for animals, now and long term. 

But being innovative also involves the risk of paving new ground.  Sometimes it means being “ahead of one's time”. While we have the know-how and desire to produce a phenomenal conference, sadly it is not yet to be.

By being new and different, the concept of our Virtual Conference has drawn oohs and ahs. But it also has encountered obstacles, outside of our roles and control. One of multiple barriers has been those who want to "see it work" before they’ll support it. Problem is, the proverbial “chicken and egg”.

"Techno-phobia" (and those who assume they won't be able to do an on-line event), a rough economy (despite very low fees) and other forces all have combined in just the wrong way. 
On a positive front, we have been funded to create a similar large-scale event in another field (not about animals) that will take place in early 2012. It no doubt still will be considered quite innovative then (almost a year from now). And we predict that this method of conferencing will ultimately become common-place.

“Changing It Up”

For now, in order to continue to serve animals to the fullest extent, we’re revamping the Animal Power Conference in ways to reach more people, and help more animals, now.

The same and similar programs, plus some new sessions, will be offered as individual Webinars (rather than a single event).

The Webinar series will kickoff on May 20 and 21 (as planned for the Conference) and will continue throughout the year).

Some sessions will be seminars with presenters, some will be workshops with lots of audience interaction. We’ll also conduct some programs as interviews with key experts, as we’ve done for years in other fields.

And we’ll include “on-demand replays” for some, accessible on-line 24/7.

In addition, we’re adding an on-line coaching and networking service focused on added skills, strategies and insights for the benefit of animals.


Translating the Virtual Conference into a series of events is underway. The first event will feature our plenary session presenters – the leaders of major national animal organizations – at their originally-scheduled time: Friday, May 20th, 10:30 – 11:45 AM EDT.

A second event will take place that afternoon and another one or two on May 21.
The detailed schedule for these and other sessions from the Conference will be announced shortly.

Pick & Choose

This new format will allow participants to sign up for the specific sessions they want to attend. Audiences will vary depending on the sessions -- for instance, some events will remain focused on training and "capacity building" for non-profits (staff, volunteers, Board members), while others will be geared to the general public. 

Non-profits seeking to do better or excel in a particular area (specific skills, strategies, outcomes) will also be able to concentrate on the corresponding sessions -- or to promote public participation in their locales on broader topics.


We’re taking a novel approach here as well …

The first two days in the series will be “tuition-optional”. If you can pay, we hope you will ... as we depend on donations and registration fees to be able to offer these services. If you cannot afford to pay, whether in full or part, we still want you to be there (for the animals you can help), so you may attend at a reduced fee or (if you can't be there otherwise) at no charge.

On either basis, a brief registration process is required. The sign-up links for the events will be posted shortly. If you’d like a reminder when they’re available (plus timely info on other events and resources), simply go to our Home page and sign-in there.

Please note that sessions intended for non-profit training purposes will require confirmation and password.

Current Registrants

If you already have registered for the Conference, you have several options. These include: a full refund; a partial refund; applying the amount paid to future events in the series; or donating the fee you paid toward our production cost for these events. Watch for further details by email.


If you already have applied for a scholarship (under our offer that ran April 16 - 23), you will receive it for the initial events. Watch for further details by email.

Final Word

The saying that "change is the order of the day" is oh so true these days. Indeed, we are in an era of rapid change ... including with technology and how public needs can be met by it. 

We're big believers in the importance of recognizing "what is" and adapting where needed, through a combination of both risk and change. To us that's part of leadership.

So we hope you like the changes we're making ... and we look forward to offering future innovations when the time is right.

More News to Come Shortly ... & Please Go Now to Our Sign-In Box on the Home Page
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