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Coaching Support

Allow Our Experts to Help You "Help More Animals Better"

Wouldn't it be great to know that the the time you have to give in support of animals resulted in helping more animals than you thought possible and doing an even better job on their behalf?

Well that's what our Coaching Services are all about ... whether you're staff to an animal support organization, a Board member, volunteer or otherwise are seeking to help animals in the best way possible. 

Our expertise covers a wide range of professional development topics. A "menu" of just some of them appears below. 

Enter our Contest to win a Free Coaching Session by answering one or more brief questions for animal lovers here

You choose the topic(s) you want to receive professional coaching on. Here are some of the options:

- Communication Skills
- Events Management
- Internet Marketing
- Media Relations
- Non-Profit Operations
- Public Outreach
- On-Line Newsletters
- Virtual Events
- Governmental Process
- Social Media
- Issue Analysis
- Websites
- Public Speaking
- Effective Writing
- Goal Setting
- Fundraising
- Cost Cutting
- Organizational Skills
- & More!

Don't want to wait, hoping to win the contest? Then sign up for a low cost, high impact session now. A full hour of support to you on your topic with a professional development specialist will save you time, get you answers and support you in achieving your goals.

Know a nonprofit or someone else who would benefit, our services also make great holiday gifts and we'll send an electronic greeting and notice of your gift on your behalf.

Services are provided through our parent organization, the Future Is Now Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose focus is on "capacity building" for nonprofits,

technical assistance for public agencies and public education and empowerment.

You can meet with your coach by phone (we'll call you so you don't incur the charge) or through an on-line meeting (easy to do and more can be accomplished through "screen sharing" -- showing documents and such). If you prefer to receive support via email we can do that as well.

For your convenience, appointments are available during business, evening and weekend hours.

Sign up for your Personal Coach below and we'll contact you to find out your choice of topics and how we can best serve you or your organization.

Four pricing options appear: for businesses, nonprofits, the public and subscribers. "Subcribers" are those who have signed up on the Home page of this Website to receive our free newsletter and information.
Subscriptions are free and are a way to get significant discounts (including below) plus more free resources. 
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Thanks for your interest and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you. If you have questions, please contact us by way of the Contact tab above.
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