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Communications Replay

Communication Skills & Marketing Strategies for Animal Non-Profits:

       New Era Tools & Approaches for Success ... for Staff, Volunteers, Supporters

Format: Replay of 2011 Live Event
Length: 90 Minutes, 6 Modules
Fee: Tuition Optional (see below)

Times are quickly changing ... new skills and approaches are needed ...
to keep up … and to get the best results.
This content-rich training session is designed to help animal groups
and supporters accomplish more and better for animals in need. 

High impact communication skills, on-line tools and new era strategies
are the focus of this dynamic program (held live March 14).

Among the sweeping changes of the day, the Internet has become a hub for successful endeavors in marketing, education, advocacy, fundraising, membership recruitment, service delivery and more. Opportunities to use the Internet to help animals in need are many and varied.

Tapping these opportunities involves two fundamentals: an understanding of on-line resources and options, and a shift in communication skills and strategies.

Communicating effectively in the virtual world takes new and different approaches.
Combining these approaches with strategic choices in resources
and and their uses makes for a powerful combination.

Communicating effectively and consistently in high stress roles, as those who work to safeguard animals often face, also takes special know-how, for the welfare of animals and people alike.

Our speaker, Marcia Elder, is an expert in on-line technologies, resources and events. She also is a long-time communications professional, trainer and non-profit leader -- and is passionate about animals.  Learn practical tips and insights from Marcia plus ask your questions live.

The program will be content-rich and presented in a way that will be clear
no matter your experience level.

If you’ve not attended a Webinar before you’ll gain that experience too. And all you need to take part is a computer and Internet connection -- no special equipment or know-how.

Attend now and learn how to help more animals more!

       Note: Replay provided in 6 convenient modules with each marked by content & length.


Tuition is optional for the replay of this event ...

- Participants may attend it at no charge.

Tax deductible donations are also invited ....

The Foundation depends on donations and registration fees
to be able to provide these events.
If you would like to make a donation in any amount,
please click below to do so by credit card or PayPal.



Click here for immediate access to event replay.

NOTE: The Web endorsement in this program no longer applies. Details later.

Enjoy the program and we hope it will provide value in your support of animals.


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