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    Our Online Events ...

Our events are designed to assist nonprofits and other organizations, 
as well as the public and other animal supporters, in helping animals ...
including companion animals, farm animals and wildlife.

Live events are available right from your computer, Internet device or phone

All times shown are for Eastern time zone. Times have been chosen
to include audiences from multiple time zones.

Next 2012 Live Event

Online Communications: 
Tools & Strategies 
for Faster/Better Results

December 5, Noon - 1PM EDT    Webinar

The Internet can be used in amazing ways to help animals ... while also saving energy and the planet. Many innovative tools are available for communications, services and other timely purposes -- combined with creative new ways to be more effective.  Be-our-guest for this dynamic Webinar and learn about an assortment of tools and strategies that you and your organization can put to work now. Get more done for your mission of helping animals
. Co-hosted by Future Is Now Foundation.

Access this high impact event here at-no-charge: 

      Samples of Our Prior Live Events

Changing Hearts & Minds

Gene Baur, President & Co-Founder

The Farm Sanctuary


Our guest for this live event is Gene Baur, President and Co-Founder of the Farm Sanctuary. The Farm Sanctuary is now celebrating its 25th year of service to animals.

Gene Baur's commitment to animals is legendary and he knows what it takes to truly make a difference on their behalf. Learn from his experience and wisdom
in this special one hour Web event.

Gene will make a presentation and then be interviewed on a range of issues
and concerns affecting farm animals. His message will have relevance to
all who care about animals, of all types.

Farm Sanctuary
works to protect farm animals from cruelty, inspire change in the way society views and treats farm animals, and promote compassionate vegan living.
Farm Sanctuary was founded in 1986 to combat the abuses of factory farming and to encourage a new awareness and understanding about farm animals. 
 Today, Farm Sanctuary has grown to become the nation's leading farm animal protection organization, with hundreds of thousands of supporters.
We work in rescue, education, and advocacy, and operate two farm animal sanctuaries, one in California and one in upstate New York. In 2011 we are celebrating 25 years of service
and commitment to this cause.


Highlighting milestones over the past 25 years – including landmark legal advances, shifts in public awareness, changes in the marketplace, and growing coverage of farm animal issues by the mainstream media – Gene’s thoughtful and moving presentations set forth the great progress we have achieved by working together and address what each of us can do to help to create
a more compassionate society.

Gene grounds his message not on accusations or judgments but on facts and research, as is evident in his best-selling book "Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds About Animals and Food" (Simon & Schuster 2008). He appeals to our better selves and explains how we can, and why we must, align our everyday actions with our own values.  
 Farm Sanctuary Paperback   Come be informed and inspired by this unique and compelling presentation. 

Please Note: A registration fee is not required for this program ... but we do not have funding for these events ... and do depend on donations from supporters. ... Support is welcome and valued in any amount from those who are able

To make a tax deductible donation, please click above. You will enter PayPal's secure site and have the option of payment by credit card or PayPal. We will not receive your credit card information but will receive notice of your payment and e-address to send your event information.

                                    2011 Virtual Conference           

                    Sorry if you missed the Conference ... & it was phenomenal!                                         

                    Selected on-demand replays available from the event.

                Other events in the Virtual Series appear further below

Who Should Attend: Non-profit staff, Board members, volunteers ... educators ... health care providers ... advocates ... public agencies ... community leaders ... others working to help and support animals. Some events are also perfect for animal lover members of the public.

Faculty: See "Faculty" tab above for information on the presenters and their organizations

Tuition & Access: Donation-option; no required fee. See below for sign-in

Handout: By first thing Friday morning a downloadable handout will be on this page

How-To'sClick here for details about logging in and taking part on-line

Prize: Win grand prize for your nonprofit (or one you choose) from Charity Charms!

                                           Conference Agenda
Friday, May 20

Opening Session
- Welcome, introductions & animal support resources. Spotlight on                                                              10:15 - 10:30 AM EDT

Saving More Animals, Formulas for Success
Gain inspiration and practical insights as national leaders from major animal support organizations share their thoughts on how nonprofits and others can be their best on behalf of animals. Details here         10:30 - 11:45 AM EDT

                                      Keynote Panel: Gregory Castle, Allan Kornberg, Adam Roberts
Best Friends Animal Society, Farm Sanctuary, Born Free USA

                                                        Open to the public

Making a Difference -- Part 1 of "Ten Power Tips" on how we can all make an important difference for the benefit of animals.   11:45 AM - Noon EDT
                                                         Open to the public

Creating Change Through Effective Advocacy
Policies and practices of government and corporations have a profound impact on the welfare of animals. Positive change can be brought about through effective advocacy. Experienced advocates will share their insights. Discover how to make a far-reaching difference, at the capitol, in the boardroom and in "your own backyard".  
Details here                                                                         2:00 - 3:30 PM EDT

        Presenters: Stephen Otto, Kara Holmquist, Julie Lewin and invited lawmaker      
     Animal Legal Defense Fund; Massachusetts SPCA; National Institute for Animal Advocacy

                                                         For animal support organizations

Roundtable: Making a Difference
- Interactive session on how nonprofits can make a further difference in achieving their goals. Plus live coaching on key topics affecting organizational success. Bring your ideas and questions!  3:30 - 4:15 PM EDT

                                                For animal support organizations

Saturday, May 21

Opening Session - Welcome, introductions & animal support resources. Spotlight on                                             10:15 - 10:30 AM EDT

Volunteerism: Better & Best Results for Animals
 – A close-up look at volunteerism in the realm of animals, from how organizations can host effective volunteer programs ... to how individuals can make a difference in animal support volunteer roles … plus how to best match volunteers with needs.                           10:30 - 11:45 AM EDT

                                                                    Presenter: Hilary Anne Hagar, MNPL 
Humane Society of the US National Volunteer Center

                                                        Open to the public

Making a Difference -- Part 2 of "Ten Power Tips" on how we can all make an important difference for the benefit of animals.   11:45 AM - Noon EDT
Open to the public

Animals Deserve Better: Going the Distance, One Step at a Time

A close-up interview with Dogs Deserve Better Founder & CEO, Tamira Ci Thayne. Informative and inspirational session that will reveal strategies, skills and personal strengths for saving dogs and other animals from abuse, neglect and unkindness.      2:15 - 3:15 PM EDT

                                                              Presenter: Tamira Ci Thayne
                                                                                       Dogs Deserve Better

                                                          Open to the public

Modeling What Works: Creating More "Success Stories"
  Models of success within organizations supporting animals will be featured, along with strategies for achieving success ... followed by open sharing (by registrants) of ideas, tips and findings that can help nonprofits and others help more animals better.          3:30 - 4:45 PM EDT

                                                       Presenters: Julie Morris & Philip Wilson 
                                                                ASPCA & World Society for Protection of Animals

                                                             For animal support organizations

Grand Prize Drawing
 Attendees qualify for a special prize that can be used in fundraising (or as a volunteer and staff thank you) for your favorite animal nonprofit! Provided by Charity Charms ($750 value). See Supporters tab above for a look. Must be present at final session to win.
Note: This event series was originally scheduled as a longer two-day virtual conference and has been broadened to a virtual conference plus series to run year-round. 


The May sessions are “donation-optional”. What this means is:

- We're inviting donations in lieu of a required registration fee.

Donations can be in an amount decided by you (examples below).
- If you cannot afford to donate, you're welcome to attend at no charge.

- If you are an organization that prefers to Register for the events (rather than donate), see second link below ("Add to Cart"). For multiple registrations, simply change the Quantity on your order form to total the ordered amount. 

Please note that we're a charitable nonprofit organization and we depend on donations and registration fees to be able to offer these services.

The "market rate" for such Webinars is $25 per event. Donations in the amount of $5 - 10 per event ... or $25 for all of the May conference sessions combined ... would be of valuable support toward our expenses incurred. Please contribute what you can IF you can ... and if you can't, don't let that keep you from attending, as the more who attend, the more animals helped.

To make a tax deductible donation in any amount, please click below to do so. You will enter PayPal's secure site and have the option of payment by credit card or PayPal. We will not receive your credit card information but will receive notice of your payment and e-address to send your event information.



Your Event(s)

Event Access

Access to on-line events is provided through a Web link where you sign in and receive your event details. A phone number and personalized pin are included if you prefer to log into the live event then leave your computer and listen by phone. 

With the change in format to a conference with time gaps between sessions, individual sign-ins are necessary for each time block as shown below. This is a part of our technology software and not something we can change. It's a fast process and thanks for understanding.

Click the links below to reserve your seat for the sessions of interest.

Session 1, Plenary Session - For animal support organizations & the public          Register here
                Also includes Opening session & Making a Difference session

Session 2
, Advocacy Session - For animal support organizations                         Register here
Also includes Making a Difference Rountable

Session 3, Volunteerism Session - For animal support organizations & the public  Register here  
                Also includes Opening session

Session 4
, Animals Deserve Better - For animal support groups & the public         Reserve here 

Session 5,  Success Session - For animal support organizations                           Register here

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What to Expect

After you register you'll receive an email from us plus an automated message from our technology software (Citrix Online/Go To). If you don't receive these immediately, not to worry ... the first one is done manually (through May 19) and our office is very busy with event plans!

Two events require a Password (Advocacy and Modeling) and, if you signed up for these, this information will be provided by separate email.

Further details about participating on-line are provided at the above link.

Participation is very easy. You will see what's happening on the screen and hear the speakers live.

Most speakers will show slides or other visuals (pictures, documents, etc.) as part of the program. So being at your computer is best, although phone access is also available (after log-in to the live event).

We'll also let you know how you can ask questions and provide feedback during the events. And the Registration links above give you the opportunity to ask questions of speakers in advance.

Expect a great learning experience from our outstanding faculty ... and from the virtual format if you've not attended an on-line meeting before. We look forward to your participation!

Other Upcoming Events

The sessions below are being rescheduled from the two day conference format to the Animal Power Webinar series that kicks off May 20-21. Other sessions are also being added.

Gene Baur

A special session will be held with Gene Baur, President & Co-Founder of the Farm Sanctuary. 

Highlighting milestones over the past 25 years – including landmark legal advances, shifts in public awareness, changes in the marketplace, and growing coverage of farm animal issues by the mainstream media – Gene’s thoughtful and moving presentations set forth the great progress we have achieved by working together and address what each of us can do to help to create a more compassionate society. Gene grounds his message not on accusations or judgments but on facts and research. He appeals to our better selves and explains how we can, and why we must, align our everyday actions with our own values.

                                                                      July 16, 2011
                                                            Registration details coming soon

Business Know-How for Nonprofits

Many aspects of “operating like a business” can help non-profits excel in serving their “clientele” (be they animals or people). Equip your non-profit to do more and better by learning proven-effective business methods and practices … and by modeling the strategies and successes of others.                                                                                                     
                                                             Presenters: Mike Arms & Bill Bruce

Helen Woodward Animal Center & City of Calgary Animals Services

July - August 2011

                                                                Registration details coming soon

Additional Events To Come ...

Communications Say It All
 – How we communicate has huge bearing on our effectiveness and ultimate accomplishments. Achieve impressive new results through professional communication skills.                                                                                           
                                                                  Erica Martin & others 
International Fund for Animal Welfare, NAVS & others

Sustaining Your Cause – Funding, volunteers and other resources are vital to the existence and ongoing viability of nonprofits. Find out ways to generate new funds, garner other valuable resources and sustain your organizational capacity.                           

                                               Presenters: Mazarine Treyz & Senny Boone, Esq.
                                        Non-Profit Federation, Direct Marketing Association;

Going the Distance: EmPowered Intention
 – Those who work in animal support roles are a "different breed". Out of a love for animals many face high stress in their jobs. Learn powerful strategies for transforming stress and other disempowering emotions to greater power … to stay motivated and strong through the best and worst of times. Hear from leaders who have done just that plus a national expert on empowerment for self and others.

                                                   Tamira Thayne, Deborah Battersby, other
                                                                           Dogs Deserve Better; eMatrix; other 

“Peace Train”: Harmony with Stakeholders Friction between organizations all too often diminishes possible achievements. Gain valuable insights on how to … overcome differences, find more commonalities, achieve consensus, build unbeatable coalitions, accomplish way more for animals in need through the power of understanding, negotiation and team.  

                                                           Laurie MacDonald, Dr. Tom Taylor 
                                       Defenders of Wildlife; Endangered Species Coalition;
Shared Solutions

With the change in format from a conference to a series (with time gaps between sessions), individual sign-ins are necessary for each event.Click the links below to for each session of interest.


Changing Times: New Era Plans & Strategies - As the saying goes, "change is the order of the day". Economic, technological, political and broader societal change is having dramatic effects world-wide, including in the nonprofit community. New approaches are needed to stay relevant, effective and sustainable. Hot topics for this dynamic session -- and ways animal support groups can benefit -- include Internet technologies, social networking and the social consciousness/environmental movement.                                                

                                                       Susan Tenby, Jessica Tally, Marcia Elder
                                                                    Tech-Soup;; Future Is Now

Making a Difference  An enlightening look at the diverse ways those who care about animals can make a difference. Plus, special celebrity guest appearance.

              See Faculty Tab above for further details on the presenters. 

Note: This event was originally scheduled as a two-day conference with 17 sessions. It was changed to a Webinar series to run year-round. Further information about this change is here.                                                             

General Information 

Our Faculty

An outstanding line-up of presenters are the faculty for the Animal Power Virtual Series and our other on-line events, including:

- Top leaders from national and international animal support organizations

- Leaders of other national organizations expert in capacity building

- Program managers from diverse animal non-profits

- Officials from the print and broadcast media

- Veterinarians and other animal care professionals

- Local government officials involved with animal services

- Other experts and specialists in skills and strategies for non-profits

- Funders of animal support services and non-profit programs

- Suppliers of timely products and services to help animals

                                         See Faculty Tab above for further details! 


Registration is required for all live events. You'll find

- Easy on-line sign-up

- Amazingly low fees

- Discounts for early action

- Full & partial scholarships
- Major credit cards accepted

- Prize drawings for registrants

This Series Is Not ...

- A forum to promote a particular stance or debate differences in philosophy or positions

The Foundation understands that differing viewpoints can occur among organizations devoted to a cause and that each organization has its own mission, philosophies and goals. Our goal is to provide a valuable learning experience for any that seek to help animals.  

This Series Is ...

The "Awakenings" events are part of a "first-ever anywhere" initiative to serve animals ... unique by virtue of:

- Reaching nationwide and beyond through the power of Internet technologies
- Bringing together supporters for companion animals, farm animals and wildlife alike
- Providing targeted professional programs to bolster support to animals on a widespread basis
- Involving experts from diverse fields coming together in a concerted effort to help animals   

While not affiliated with any direct support groups for animals, the Foundation is focused on providing professional services to enable support organizations to excel in helping animals and those who care about animals.

The Foundation also offers services to non-profits and public agencies in producing their own on-line conferences, workshops and other events as well as other capacity building services.







                          We look forward to your participation in these far-reaching events.

One More Thing: Be sure to sign in on the Home page (green box at bottom of page) for periodic notices of other free and low cost events and services to support animal organizations and volunteers.
                                                             Future Is Now Foundation
 Creating a Better World … for People, Animals, the Environment & Communities …Now & for the Future







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