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Kudos to all who were a part of our landmark
2011 Animal Power Virtual Conference

     Thanks to all who provided feedback on the May 20 - 21 Conference – during the event, by follow-up emails and through our on-line survey. Just some of the positive feedback received, on the overall event and specific sessions, appears on this page.

                          Overall Event 

“Great job and really a wonderful opportunity for people. Thank you for  such a worthwhile effort.” 

“The 2 conference events that I listened to not only were helpful but the conference, and folks like you, give me hope to keep going. I've been an animal activist for many decades too. Thank you!”

“I am grateful for the opportunity of hearing from so many experienced people.  I live in such a rural area that it is difficult to travel … to conferences and this was on par with things I would so often like to attend!”

 “I'd definitely like to attend more of these webinars … Invaluable!

“Thank you so much for making this conference available.  My small rescue can't afford travel and fees...we barely make our vet bills and can't ask more of our donors.  Information from the past two days will be invaluable as we move ahead.”

“The webinar format has been an extremely efficient and valuable resource for us … Thank you!”

“This virtual confernce has been a "first" for me - i've never experienced anything like this before.  I've attended webinars before, but never a series of such well organized, informative and truely useful day to day knowledge sharing sessions.”

Incredible that you could offer these programs for those of us who care, and work so hard to help animals.”

“When I think of what it would have cost to go to a conference and hear speakers of this caliber … thank Animal Awakenings for putting this together.”

“Thank you so, so much for putting this together!! It has been so very helpful for me. I really can't thank you enough.”

Great program. Thanks so much!”

“This was fabulous i encouraged others with the groups i work with to participate i hope some of them did cause they really missed out.” 
 “What a great conference. You had an impressive panel of presenters providing good advice. I appreciate the convenience of the online format … Thank you so much.”

“Thank you for the great job.”

“Thank you so much, Marcia for all you've put into this!” 

“Thank you for this thoughtful line up of presenters.  This has been so inspirational and educational for me.  I am starting an organization and this has just done so much for me - the opportunity to hear from so many forerunners is great!”

“I'm just in the process of starting a new nonprofit and this is absolutely invaluable to me!!!”

“All the speakers have been great and (I) have learned so much.”

“As a person that lives in a small town … and  I volunteer at a very small shelter, this type of program would be something that I could not have ever been able to attend,, the speakers were very informative thanks.”

“Thank you so much for offering this...and for free!”

“This was my first time using the webinar. I have a very old computer and was pleasantly surprised that I was able to follow all the sessions as well as if I had been there in person. Technical issues were quickly noted and resolved. The interaction feature was easy and effective. Thanks! The speakers gave excellent presentations offering not only information specific to their fields, but included enough resources to do more follow-up after the conference. Bravo for both the conception and the execution of this event!”

Gave me encouragement and confidence that we CAN do this.”

LOTS of GREAT information that I think can be applied to my shelter.”

“I learned lots from all the speakers”

Every session that I attended was great.”

“… the sessions were wonderful.”

“Keep up the great work. It was better than I expected. Marcia did excellent job as moderator, seriously!”

“Nearly every session had an amazing amount of information, most of it applicable to my situation. It was run very professionally and well …”

“this was most informative,, I would have never been able to attend this program,, it was wonderful

“Thank you so much for offering this! I think this has provided a tremendous service to our "industry" and the animals thank you!!!!”

Opening Session  

“All were excellent

LOVED this session!!”

“I thought is was wonderful!! I got so much out of it, even though I had to miss parts of it. I am excited to hear the advocacy sessions when they are available! I got lots of great new information, beginning with some programs that I had no clue were available through!! I loved it and will absolutely participate in the rest of the series if I possibly can! Thank-you so much!”

Effective Advocacy Session


“Again, clap, clap.”

“This was a lot of good info.

“Loved the advocacy seminar yesterday!”

“Thank you so much!  This has been a great webinar and I LOVE that it is virtual--so in line with our environmental ethics!  Thank you, and I look forward to tomorrow's sessions!”

“Such wonderful advice, thank you so much for offering this!”

“Great job and thank you all.”

Absolutely amazing webinar - thanks!!!”

“thanks to everyone lots of great information.”

“ i'm from the UK and this is fascinating! …  so so grateful.”

“great presentation from all panelsits.”

“Wonderful information!!  I think that is something that would be most beneficial to our organization because we suffer so much on the local level.”

This was wonderful- thank you so much!”


 “Thanks so much, very informative group of speakers & a wide range of issues addressed.”

"Excellent. I have a background in advocacy in another field, and heard some things that I knew but didn't not know how to translate to the field of animal rights/welfare until I attended these sessions."

Volunteerism Session   

"I am still absolutey blown away by the volunteer session this morning!!" 

“This information is a breath of fresh air for me!”

“Thank you …- this is truly wonderful information!”

“Thanks so much!  Wonderful program - was not expecting this to be so informative!”

“Thank you! This was extremely informative and helpful!!”

“ That volunteer session was well worth the measly $50 I was able to donate.  Thank you … Thank you.”

“Great Idea … (this)  is a really GREAT IDEA!!!” (about one of the speakers tips)


 “We did get a lot of great info (from the conference).  i loved the Volunteering session.”

“Very specific and detailed "blueprints" were given on how to set up and run an effective volunteer based program.”

Excellent She was not only interesting but had great slides.”

“I thought she had some wonderful insights and suggestions!!”

“This session was great! The presentation was applicable not only to how to effectively lead my volunteer organization, but also how to better lead my for-profit day job business.”

AMAZING. So many great ideas”

"Thank you for all your efforts. The Volunteerism session was informative and reinforced the thoughts I'd been having about how to coordinate volunteers. I also appreciate the useful resources provided. I spent all day yesterday exploring them."

“Thank you and thanks Hilary!  This is all helpful!”

Thank-you soooo much!!! Got so much out of this!!”

Animals Deserve Better Session  

“Loved hearing your interview with Tamira. She is very inspiring.”

“This was a great venue. I have already learned quite a bit that I plan to put into practice. THANKS!”

“Thank you for the opportunity.  (Ours)  is a start-up npo and we are very much enjoying this!”

“Now I want to change my name! That's great!” (regarding Tamira’s name and where it came from)

“ I am a trainer and the points you (Tamira) made about the dangers of the chained dogs are ones I never thought to connect.  I … applaud this approach. …  this is a huge component of the entire issue of neglect and abuse.  Thank you for paving the way.”

“Thank you for the work you (Dogs Deserve Better) do. The photos shown definitely demonstrate abuse and neglect, which seems to go hand in hand with chaining …”

“Metamorphising Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels into DDB’s Good Newz Rehab Ctr is inspired, inspirational and transformative!” (regarding DDB recent purchase and conversion underway of Vick house)

“clap, clap, clap   thanks for all you do.”

“Tamira … was and is a trailblazer”

“Love the work that Tammy does … I absolutely admire her commitment and dedication to her cause … love the work that she does to get those poor dogs unchained and change the mindset of the people who believe it's not a problem!!!”

“very informative”

 “LOVED all the ideas and information … considering getting involved with Dogs Deserve Better, as my area has a big problem in this regard. Great inspiration and ideas to increase education and awareness.”

Modeling What Works Session  

“The presenters were able to help the audience translate specific programs into something that could be used by any animal related group.”

“… I thought the presenters both provided a solid amount of information. They were well spoken, informative, and motivating.”

"Some good ideas … things I need to look into as possible ways to improve how we do things."

"I tell everyone that WSPA is a wonderful organization."
“… love the on line format, not my first time but really like it and all of the speakers yesterday and today.”

Positive comments also came in about the informative and content-rich slides of both speakers and requests for copies (TBA)

Other Feedback   

“I am somewhat disabled and low-income. It is normally a hardship for me to travel and attend in-person conferences. I was thrilled to get the same high-quality information right from home, where I could ensure my needs were being met.”

“I really enjoyed this. There was time to give feedback and ask questions or comment and that is always beneficial. It is also very nice to be able to sit in my own home office and attend a conference!”

“Speakers were very interesting and informative, lots of good topics and info. I am a novice in the non profit world and very much enjoyed each session and the expierence of being able to partcipate with out the expense and loss of time at work until we are up and running. Thank You very much. Gentleman from Best Friends and your interview with founder of DDB were exceptional!”

“Would love to see more on-line events!”

“The webinar format has been an extremely efficient and valuable resource for us.”

“Archived sessions would be great.  i would have loved to attend the friday sessions too but had to work.  keep us posted, please.  great job!”

“Thanks to Marcia for a great conference!”

“You really did a great job, and are doing a great thing...Marcia is a good speaker and moderator, not an easy job….I've already had one person tell me hearing Julie Lewin sold her on buying her book … The speakers i heard were excellent. I didn't even know about Kara! She's great. I had feeling Adam (born free) could fill an interesting hour, for me anyway! THANK YOU!”

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