Animal Awakenings
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On-Demand Replays

On-Demand Replays 

Recordings of live events are presented here. Watch and listen at your convenience directly from your computer. Free and low cost access now ... plus more to come!  


Communication Skills & Marketing Strategies for Animal Non-Profits:

New Era Tools & Approaches for Success ... for Staff, Volunteers, Supporters

Times are quickly changing ... new skills and approaches are needed to keep up … and to get the best results. This content-rich training session is designed to help animal groups and supporters accomplish more and better for animals in need. High impact communication skills, on-line tools and new era strategies are the focus of this dynamic program (held live March 14).

Presenter: Marcia Elder, Executive Director, Future Is Now Foundation & Communications Specialist

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Volunteerism: Better & Best Results for Animals

A close-up look at volunteerism in the realm of animals, from how organizations can host effective volunteer programs ... to how individuals can make a difference in animal support volunteer roles … plus how to best match volunteers with needs. Aired live on May 20, 2011

Presenter: Hilary Anne Hagar, MNPL, Director, Humane Society of the US National Volunteer Center

This program drew rave reviews as part of the 2011 Animal Power Virtual Conference. See "Kudos" tab above for just some of what participants had to say.

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Protecting Wildlife & Habitats  

How people use the land we live on has huge bearing on the welfare of wildlife. Critical habitat is disappearing through development and being poisoned by pollution.

Learn from experts in community planning, habitat protection and wildlife management how to safeguard the future of wildlife.

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More Replays Coming Soon, Such As:

Additional sessions from the 2011 Animal Power Virtual Conference

Changing Hearts & Minds with Farm Sanctuary President Gene Baur

Animal Action: Tips & Tools for Using Technology     
to Advance Your Cause

Live event held April 2011. Stay tuned for access info for replay and downloadable handouts.

Internet technologies of wide variety are taking center stage as tools for communicating, educating, marketing and more. Getting informed and involved is vital to non-profit success in helping animals.

Whether you're a techno-phobe (as so many are) or a techno-geek, gain timely info, insights and confidence from this power-packed session.  Discover a menu of exciting tools to "make things happen" in support of animals. Learn new ways to use your Website and social media to make a big difference for your mission in helping animals.

No technical experience needed ... to attend on-line or to understand the material covered in this program!

In the News: Getting More & Better Media Coverage

Positive coverage by the media can lend tremendous support for your goals. Learn the "do's and don'ts" to get the best results ... straight from officials of the print, broadcast and on-line media. Discover how best to work with the media in support of your cause.                                  

Presenters: Media officials and nonprofit leadership interviewers

                                   Stay Tuned for Additional Programs to Come!
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