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                            Animal Support Resource Center

                          Promoting & facilitating kind, informed, responsible                                
                               & effective care for & treatment of animals  
This page of our Website offers important opportunities for you if your answer is Yes to any of these questions

  • Are you a nonprofit organization, or seeking to become one, with a mission to support the well-being of animals?
  • Are you interested in finding new, better and expanded ways to support your nonprofit and further achieve its mission?
  • Do you sometimes have special projects or needs where you wish you could turn to someone with experience for guidance or a helping hand?
  • Would one-time or ongoing support in service delivery free you up to focus on higher priorities? 
  • Could your organization benefit from professional support in management or administration?
  • Are you in need of an office or other facilities as a headquarters for carrying out your work?
  • Are you a staff member, on the Board, a volunteer or otherwise a supporter of a nonprofit working to help animals? 

A single Yes means you’ve come to the right place!

The Future Is Now Foundation sponsors the Animal Awakenings Initiative because we care about animals. Our experience in providing training, professional capacity building and related support services to the nonprofit community is extensive.   

A brief overview of what we can do to support your goals follows. We welcome your contacting us directly about your specific interests and needs.

Capacity Building

We’re specialists in "boosting the capacity" and capabilities of nonprofits and public agencies ... through training, coaching and service delivery support. Just some of the diverse functions and needs we address are:

  • Communications
  • Event Services
  • Social Media 
  • Media Relations
  • Strategic Planning
  • Coalition Building
  • Policy Analysis
  • Publications
  • Education Services
  • Community Outreach

Depending on your needs, we can provide one-time or ongoing services, and we can teach you how to do various functions yourself so that ongoing support isn't needed.

To sign-up, or learn more about our professional coaching services or one-on-one consultations, please click here

Other general information about such services appears on our main Website.

Virtual Events

These days there are more individuals and organizations taking part in … but few experts in … on-line live events. We were pioneers in developing and carrying out all aspects of Webcasts, Webinars, Teleseminars and Simulcasts. We now offer these services for the events of other organizations, as well as sponsoring our own.

Our services cover the gamut of event production, including planning, organizing, promoting and conducting on-line events ... and, as part thereof, technology operations, facilitating/moderating, audio/video and other roles. We offer nonprofits a menu of these service options.

Upcoming events of the Foundation focused on supporting animals, and those who care about animals, are featured on this Website. 

Non-Profit Management

Many nonprofits utilize “Association Management Companies”  (AMCs) to carry-out their management and day-to-day administrative functions, or to assist them in doing so. This is a way to bring efficiency and professionalism to non-profit operations while freeing Board members and other volunteers to focus on priority projects and programs. A partner of the Foundation has extensive experience in this capacity, including all facets of non-profit operations. Contact us if you'd like to know more on that.


Nonprofits also tap outside services for specific projects and roles, whether on an ongoing or time-limted basis. Examples are wide ranging and a few are outlined here:

  • Planning & organizing events
  • Facilitating meetings
  • Writing newsletters, blogs, reports
  • Coordinating social media
  • Conducting marketing & outreach
  • Developing & improving Websites 
  • Facilitating Board retreats
  • Developing plans & strategies
  • Evaluating programs or operations
  • Conducting studies or analyses
  • Integrating on-line technologies

The Foundation offers these and other services and, based upon your needs, is happy to refer to other organizations as well.


Having an official office adds to the professionalism of non-profits that seek to provide professional or "business-like" services (as opposed to social clubs and certain others). Non-profits that use Assocation Management Companies typically gain the use of their professional offices for this purpose. This occurs as well in some cases with the services of other consultants.

An organization’s office or “headquarters” can be a separate "remote" location from the city(ies) or state(s) where Board members and other volunteers reside. As one example, many AMCs (and corresponding non-profit offices) are located in the capitol cities of states, for non-profits that engage in legislative advocacy.

With the advent of Internet technologies for live on-line meetings and other organizational purposes, the need to be located in the same city no longer exists for many nonprofits. Most of our services are available to nonprofits on a remote basis.

While not a part of our services, we also should mention that we're aware of a unique property/facility that may be available for use in helping animals. If you want to know more about this they've posted some details here.

What Are Your Needs?

If your nonprofit would benefit from expert nonprofit training, coaching, management or other support (events, Websites, strategies, etc.) – provided by professionals with a passion for serving animals – contact us for further details.

  • For any or all of these, please email us at: support at or call 850.997.2837.

Please use a relevant identifier in your Subject line (like: "Capacity Building") as we do not open emails that appear to be spam.

To sign-up now for a consultation or coaching service, on a topic(s) or your choosing, please click here. Appointments take place on-line or by phone (at your choice) and are available during business, evening and weekend hours.

Thank you for your interest
and we hope that this information is helpful for your work in making the world a better place for animals.

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