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Volunteerism Replay

Volunteerism: Better & Best Results for Animals

A close-up look at volunteerism in the realm of animals, from how organizations can host effective volunteer programs ... to how individuals can make a difference in animal support volunteer roles … plus how to best match volunteers with needs. Aired live on May 20, 2011

Presenter: Hilary Anne Hagar, MNPL, Director, Humane Society of the US National Volunteer Center

This program drew rave reviews as part of the 2011 Animal Power Virtual Conference. See "Kudos" tab above for just some of what participants had to say.

You can access this entire program below as our guest. But first we have a simple request ...

either before you attend the session or after
, please read and consider the information at the end of this page called "Making a Difference for Animals in Need".

Thanks and enjoy the program!

About the Video

Note: The Website provider has just changed its media player to one that does not accomodate video editing for sessions that include Power Point slides. Normally we create modules for each session plus edit out any delays, equalize sound and make other technical improvements. We have not done so in order to maintain visual quality. There is a brief pause at the beginning of the video.

Program Format: Introductory remarks; short presentation by; featured speaker. A brief delay occurs between presenters to stay on schedule set for Virtual Conference (of which this session was a part). HSUS speaker begins at 13 minutes into the video.

Video Controls: Click arrow at bottom left to begin program and view in smaller screen. Or click large arrow in center of video player for large screen (and click your ESC key on upper left of keyboard to return to normal screen). Move lever on bottom part of media player to fast forward or reverse the video (this may be affected by your Internet download speed).

Browser: You should be able to see the video fine with any Internet browser. If by chance you cannot, switch to an alternative browser (like Mozilla Firefox).

Making a Difference for Animals in Need

Putting It On the Line ... that's what we've done in offering an array of events and services in support of animals in need.

We didn't have the funding to create and host the 2011 Animal Power Virtual Conference ... but we did it anyway, including the donation of 1,000 hours of professional staff time.

The same is true for the on-demand replays.

Your donation to our nonprofit cause, in any amount, will enable us to continue offering events and services like this to help nonprofits and others do more for more animals.

We need your support.

And your action will have a ripple effect in helping others who access our programs. So the gift you accept from us will be translated into a gift from you to even more animals in need.

You Can Help By:

Three options for helping include:

1. Making a donation and accepting our gift

Simply use your credit card or Pay Pal account here to contribute in any amount:

If you prefer to send a check, or to donate with credit card by phone, our Contact info is here.

2. Making a donation without the gift       Click here for this option

3. Purchasing a service

We offer a wide range of capacity building services to help organizations that work to support animals. Click here for the menu of options and contact us for our affordable rates and to tell us your needs.

Donations to the Foundation are tax deductible. Our organization was originally registered (2002) as the Florida Public Interest Foundation.

Telling others about this video and our services will also be greatly appreciated.


Whatever steps you take will make an impotant difference ... and we thank you so much for your support.
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